3rd Geniko Lykeio Heritage Interpretation Event, 23 May 2018

On Wednesday, May 23, at 9:15, students and teachers of the 3rd GEL of Corfu using the European program Erasmus + HIMIS travelled once again, not to a different place this time, but in time. During the multiplier event, students from the city’s high schools, teachers and representatives of the Education Administration were invited.

Through a different tour, with navigators two heroes from the 19thcentury, Spyretos and Aggiolina, all participants were “re – introduced” to four emblematic  city monuments – points, Liston, Kofineta, the Old Philharmonic and the Municipal Gallery of Corfu . The love story of two young people became the basic plot brought to light and in the background we have all the important historical events of this era. Play, music, painting, theater, digital media at the service of art and knowledge have revived another era and sensitized our audience to the values of our monuments and local culture.

The actors at all stages were the students of the Εrasmus plus team of the 3rd General Lyceum, as well as the students of the schools that responded to our invitation. A lesson of history and life attitude from students to students, which promotes our education and culture.

At 12:30 am, at the beautiful area of the Corfu Public Library, after completing the multiplier event tour, a short presentation of the special character of the program and its two year implementation by our school ,was held by teachers of our Erasmus team.

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