5th transnational meeting, Waldkirch, Germany, 7 – 8 May, 2018

The fifth and last meeting of the HIMIS partners was held in the picturesque town of Waldkirch in Germany. Our venue was the Rotes Haus, a community building in the town.

The schools gave updates on their heritage interpretation events which are progressing really well. The students and staff of IPS Marco Gavio Apicio School in Anzio have completed their event, which was held in the grounds of the Vallo Latino Volsco park in Anzio. The event told the stories of the local tribe, the Volsci, and their battles with Rome 2000 years ago, recorded in Shakespeare’s play Coriolanus. They performed drama, told stories and served foods that would have been prepared by the Volsci.

The Zespół Szkół nr 6 in Wroclaw also completed its event, using the medieval Town Hall in Wroclaw to role-play a court trial, allocating appropriate punishments, photographing the friezes and decorations on the building and making jigsaws. The students served traditional foods as a finale.

The 3rd Genyko Likeyo in Kerkyra, Corfu, are preparing their activities, which will include stories at four locations in Kerkyra that represent critical periods of history for Corfu, the French and British occupations. The event will be held on 23rd May.

The Kastelbergschule in Waldkirch, are preparing role-playing and drama activities about the traditional clock-making and organ-building industries of the Black Forest. The event will be held on 22nd June.

The transnational meeting included a fascinating visit to the Elztal Museum in Waldkirch, with its collection of historic mechanical organs and orchestria.

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