Multiplier events by Red Kite Environment, United Kingdom

The HIMIS Multiplier Event in the UK consisted of two presentations given at events attended by representatives of organisations involved in migrant and community issues, and in heritage interpretation. The events enabled learning from the HIMIS project to be disseminated to a variety of professionals involved in schools, youth groups and community associations, and to interpreters who help and support heritage organisations.

The first event was a one-day meeting of organisations responsible for providing support to migrant communities in South East England. The event brought together representatives of over 15 organisations that provide support and social activities for migrants and their families in South East England. Many of those attending were from a variety of cultural backgrounds. They worked closely with Indian, Pakistani, Caribbean, African and Nepali immigrants and people with immigrant backgrounds.

Peter Seccombe from Red Kite Environment gave a presentation about the HIMIS project and its aims for encouraging inclusion for migrant in schools and communities, which included showing the video of the Multiplier event in Anzio, Italy. The presentation was followed by questions and discussion on the benefits of using Heritage Interpretation techniques to encourage secondary age students in schools to get engaged in their local heritage and to help break down barriers between students from different cultural backgrounds.

The second event was the annual conference of the Association for Heritage Interpretation, held during October 2018. AHI is the United Kingdom’s professional association for people and organisations involved in heritage interpretation. It provides support and a platform for sharing expertise in interpretation in its many forms. Peter Seccombe gave a presentation to a group of heritage interpreters, explaining the opportunities the HIMIS project demonstrated for working with young people from migrant backgrounds. Those participating included staff involved in community projects and activities and interpretation consultants who provided expertise to the heritage interpretation profession.

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