Training course in Heritage Interpretation techniques Kerkyra, Corfu 11-15.09.2017

A very important part of the HIMIS project is training in heritage interpretation techniques for teachers in each of the schools. The training introduces the teachers to interpretation and shows how it can be used.

We held a five-day training course in Kerkyra, Corfu, from 11th to 15th September 2017. The training was designed, managed and performed by experts in Heritage Interpretation and intercultural communication using the amazing natural, cultural and historical Heritage of the city.

The training course included a visit to the Old Fortress in Kerkyra where we learned about its history and its many stories. We held classroom sessions on how to prepare an interpretation plan and how to put together a programme of interpretation activities. The teachers from each school then prepared their own tour of the Old Fortress that they presented at the end of the course.

The course has helped the teachers to develop their own school interpretation programmes, which they will be preparing, and delivering, over the next few months.

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