Zespol Szkol nr 6 Heritage Interpretation event, 23 April, 2018

On April 26th a meeting was held at the Town Hall in Wrocław prepared by students and teachers of Zespol Szkol nr 6 for students of other Wrocław schools and representatives of various institutions.

The ceremony was initiated by the project’s coordinator, Mr Marcin Królikowski, who presented the objectives and assumptions of the project. Our expert, Ms Agnieszka Janczyńska, prepared a short lecture on cultural heritage.

Then the history teacher told the audience what punishments were used in the Middle Ages and what the court system looked like. The students of the theater group led by Paweł Skonieczny presented a scene from the court.

The students of the invited schools could then put on costumes from the old era and they played the roles on the stage themselves.

Since the meeting place was the Town Hall, jigsaw puzzles with elements of the Town Hall were prepared. The group that completing the jigsaw puzzles in the fastest way was awarded a prize. Many legends are associated with the Town Hall. One of them our guests had to arrange from different parts.

At the end, each student answered 10 questions related to the history of the City Hall and medieval penalties. It was difficult to choose the winner because everyone was very attentive. We chose the best five. Congratulations!

After a tough test everyone could taste traditional Polish dishes.

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